Worst. Power. Ever. by J.M. Snyder

I originally wrote Worst. Power. Ever. for my flash fiction collection, Flashed!, but I knew some fans of Vic and Matt might miss the story if it were buried in the pages of a longer anthology.

So I decided to release this story as a stand-alone, and include it in the next V&M paperback, Vic and Matt Book II: Everyday Hero.

The story came about because I was thinking about all the various powers Vic gets from Matt on a regular basis. While the ones I’ve written about to date have been beneficial, I’ve read enough comic books to know superhero abilities aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. What happens when Vic draws a power that isn’t necessarily bad, per se, but rather annoying or disconcerting?

Vic Braunson shares a very sexy secret with his lover, Matt diLorenzo — something in Matt’s semen gives Vic superhuman powers. While the powers fade over time, most of them come in handy. But every now and then, he draws a doozy …

This short, erotic romp was originally written as part of the series, The Positions of Love. In the end, it was a bit depressing, really, because Vic doesn’t really save the day or anything, so I scrapped it for a different power. But I thought I’d rework it into a stand-alone story for Vic and Matt fans.

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