Working for the Weekend

One thing I’m looking forward to after I quit the day job at the end of this month is reclaiming weekends as downtime. I’ve spent the last few years working all weekend, every weekend, first on my writing and then on the publishing side of things. If nothing else, when I’m self-employed, I’m going to allow myself the luxury of enjoying two days off each week.

Writing has never felt like “work” to me, which is good ~ if it did, I would probably not like doing it as much as I do. And because I wanted to write ~ and publish, and promote my books ~ I spend every waking hour I can doing just that. The problem has been having a day job. I’m expected to be somewhere, working for somebody else, from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. Which means a good chunk of my week has been spent doing something other than what I’d rather be doing.


Add in the workload I’ve taken on myself with the success of JMS Books LLC and you’ll quickly see I have very little “me” time left. That “me” time is when I write, but I get so worn down any more, I simply don’t have the energy to focus my mind on writing if I get the chance. While I plan to spend more time on the publishing side of things once the day job goes away, my main goal in quitting the 40-hour a week workforce is to make time for “me” again. For writing.

Lord knows I have plenty to work on, too. I have two novels in progress, both of which stalled out around 26,000 words. I have another story that might be a novelette or novella when all is said and done, but it’s just under 10k at the moment. My current work in progress is a short story I hope to release in early July, but I haven’t written more than 3k on it yet. I have a ton of other story ideas, and quite a few finished pieces that need to be edited before I even think about putting them out. I want to compile some of my short stories into print collections. I have a non-fiction book I started on how to publish in e-book format which I’d like to finish.

So I have work to do. I have writing that will keep me busy from here until the end of the summer, if I just get a chance to focus on it. With my last day of gainful employment fast approaching, I’m hoping to hit the ground running July 1.

We’ll see. Twelve days left and counting.