Windows and peeping Thoms …

The latest book of mine to get a fresh look is Windows.

I wrote this story years ago and was never a big fan of the original cover art, so I finally got around to revamping it a bit. What do you think?


Thom is down on love, having walked in on his lover with “a friend” and caught them doing the nasty. After he kicks said lover out, he writes off men for good.

Then Bradley moves in next door, so flaming he’s practically on fire, and Thom can’t help but notice. Especially when Bradley seems to be quite the exhibitionist, having sex with his boyfriend in front of the bedroom windows, and getting frisky with another guy out back in his pool.

Suddenly Thom finds himself in the precarious position of voyeur, and he knows Bradley knows he’s watching. He even suspects Bradley might be deliberately flaunting his sexuality for Thom’s benefit. He doesn’t need another cheating lover, but how long can he resist Bradley’s advances?

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