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Today Paul Alan Fahey stopped by to talk a bit about his new writing guide, The Short and Long of It: Expand, Adapt, and Publish Your Short Fiction, published by JMS Books and exclusively available on Kindle Select!

About The Short and Long of It:

In January this year, I was asked to teach a workshop at our annual Central Coast Conference in September. After much hair pulling — my own — and thought, I came up with a topic, something I’d struggled with for years: How to expand shorter pieces like 55 Fiction, flash fiction, and short, short stories into longer publishable work — mainly as separate ebooks.

I wrote the workshop description first and then the book in February. I’ve never written anything so fast. It felt like the book was writing itself. Something I had to write and I hoped would be useful to other writers who had similar issues.

It’s been my experience that many books on writing don’t actually delve too deeply into the writing process — warts and all. Authors don’t normally show all their messy and unruly notes, outlines, first paragraphs, or sections of first drafts with the reader. (Well, maybe Hemingway, but he had to die first before this happened and his publisher released his notes and drafts.) In The Short and Long of It, I also provide samples of my own work and strategies and examples on how to make this transition — from short to long.


Do you write short fiction but long to s-t-r-e-t-c-h those tight little 55ers, flash pieces, and short stories into longer, publishable work? Do you have binders full of short pieces with characters you’d love to flesh out? Are you dying to tell the rest of these stories?

If so, The Short and Long of It is for you!

Award-winning short fiction writer Paul Alan Fahey shows you how to expand and adapt your brief creations into longer, more satisfying stories, plays, novellas, and novels pitch perfect for publication in the e-age.

This book will help you practice expanding your short fiction. Through detailed examples and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to:

  • Adapt 55 fiction into flash fiction;
  • Adapt flash fiction into short stories and plays;
  • Adapt flash memoir into personal essays;
  • Write a tight logline;
  • Develop a story theme;
  • Build three-act structure; and
  • Develop characters and enhance backstory.

So grab a copy today and start writing longer stories tomorrow!

About Paul Alan Fahey:

Paul Alan Fahey writes for JMS Books. He is the author of the Lovers & Liars Wartime Series, historical gay romances and the editor of the nonfiction anthology, The Other Man: 21 Writers Speak Candidly About Sex, Love, Infidelity, & Moving On. His first LGBT novella, The View From 16 Podwale Street, won a 2012 Rainbow Award.

Over the years, his writing has appeared in numerous literary journals such as Byline, Palo Alto Review, Long Story Short, African American Review, The MacGuffin, Thema, Gertrude, Kaleidoscope, and The Feathered Flounder, and in a variety of fiction and nonfiction anthologies such as Carry the Light, Cup of Comfort, My Mom’s My Hero, Writing on Walls, and Somewhere in Crime. He lives on the California Central Coast with his husband, Robert Franks, and a gaggle of shelties.

Find Paul online at the links below!

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