What are you thankful for this year?


Of all the holidays, I have to admit that Thanksgiving is probably my favorite. It’s the food, plain and simple! I love turkey, and my family’s traditions include homemade stuffing (yum!) and my father’s signature cole slaw (double yum!), two dishes we only make once a year (though, if we’re lucky, we can talk my dad into making the cole slaw on Christmas, too).

This year, one thing I’m very grateful for is the opportunity to finally love what I do for a living. Since college, I’ve only ever had “jobs,” never careers. I never wanted to “be” anything other than a writer, but it was hard to make a living at it. I struggled for so long at companies I didn’t overly like doing things I didn’t particularly care for, and for quite a while after graduation, I thought my muse would get beaten into submission and/or disappear entirely.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon slash fan fiction, and discovered my talent for writing lay in a totally different direction than from where I started. A few years later, I began self-publishing, and while surely nowhere near self-sufficient at that point, I felt I was really on my way towards achieving my dream of not only writing, but truly being a writer. Writing. Getting published. Sharing my stories with readers who will enjoy them as much as I do.

When I started working with other publishers, the acceptance letters were encouragement I needed to keep writing. Even when I started my own business and moved back into a form of self-publication, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make enough money to not have a day job. I mean, I have rent and utilities to pay, a car loan, student loans, credit cards with balances due … plus everyday living expenses, food and (more importantly) cat food, and whatnot.

But last year I figured it was now or never. If I didn’t take the plunge and try to make a life doing what I’ve always wanted to do, I’d never have the courage to do it. Sure, I might fail, but I’d never know if I could make it unless I tried.

This year, I’m thankful that I didn’t fail. That I’ve managed to make time for both the publishing side of things as well as my own continued writing career. I’m thankful to the authors who have taken the chance with me and are published with JMS Books and Queerteen Press. I’m thankful to the readers who continue to stick by me and enjoy my stories.

What are you thankful for? Leave a comment telling me and, hey, if you mention a title of mine you’d like to read, you might win a free e-book or something!

Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “What are you thankful for this year?”

  1. I’m extremely thankful for my family. My dad is in a really bad place right now but I’m so grateful that he has family, that we have family that accepts all our mistakes unconditionally and that I don’t have to worry if he’s not eating or has a roof over his head. I know he’s with family so I know he’s safe. I am so very thankful for that.

    Thank you for the contest! 🙂 Enjoyed the post.. heh… and I’d just love to be able to read The V in Vulnerable. lol…


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