V: The V in Virtue by J.M. Snyder

This week I re-released the fourth (and final) book in my Vic and Matt V series, V: The V in Virtue. This book was previously published by Amber Allure Press.


From the beginning of their relationship, Vic and Matt have celebrated their anniversary on New Year’s Eve. Somehow it’s become tradition for the men to swear off intercourse for the week between Christmas and New Years, a long stretch of seven days Matt finds especially difficult to weather. Vic’s blasé attitude about their lack of sex only makes Matt hornier, and he comes close to breaking down several times when Vic toys with him throughout the week.

Matt is looking forward to midnight on New Year’s Eve and claiming Vic as his own after such a trying dry spell. But when his coworker Roxie invites the guys to a year-end bash at her place, Matt’s plans are thwarted. Will Vic still make the evening special for Matt and himself even though they aren’t spending it alone?

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