V: The V in Vigilant by J.M. Snyder

Last week I re-released the third book in my Vic and Matt V series, V: The V in Vigilant. This book was previously published by Amber Allure Press.

This book in the series was actually inspired by a young man in a wheelchair who I used to see waiting at the bus stop every day when I drove to work. He’d lost one of his legs, and I guess because he was so young and virile looking otherwise, I imagined he was a veteran from Afghanistan or Iraq who’d been sent home with a Purple Heart. I’ll be honest — I’ve never ridden any of the city buses here in Richmond, so I was curious to learn how they could accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair.

Thank God for the internet, eh? I can’t remember how I satisfied my curiosity before I could Google something to see how it worked.

After I learned more about handicap accessibility on large buses, I thought I should put that knowledge to good use. How better than to write it into a story? And hey, Vic’s a bus driver, so …

When Vic has a rough day at work, his lover Matt puts their telepathic connection to good use, tapping directly into Vic’s needs to provide some relaxing downtime at home. However their sensual massage turns to serious talk, and Matt finally asks Vic the question he’s been wrestling with for the past few months.The next day, Vic’s latest super power almost makes him call in sick. Then a disabled bus passenger is attacked, and Vic rushes to the rescue.

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