V: The V in Vengeance by J.M. Snyder

Last week I re-released the second book in my Vic and Matt V series, V: The V in Vengeance.

The idea for this story was born when my neighbor’s car was vandalized late one evening. The sound of her alarm woke me up and, thinking it was my car, I hurried outside. She had seen my headlights flash so she thought the thief was still around, possibly trying to break into my car, as well (in reality, I had hit the alarm button on my key fob when I thought it was my car, and when that didn’t shut off the alarm, I realized it wasn’t me).

I tried to capture the emotion of the scene in this story, which was originally written to be submitted to a superhero anthology by Circlet Press. Though the story was accepted if I agreed to write more about Vic and Matt’s relationship, I had already decided to release it as the second V book instead. I figured the characters were already pretty well established and I didn’t want any fans of the guys to miss a story they might not catch in an anthology by a press I wasn’t published with normally.

Plus hey, book two of a five-part series.

The V in Vengeance finds Vic and Matt slowly adjusting to life with a new addition to their little family — Sadie, the mutt Vic rescued from bullying kids. As they settle into a routine, Matt finds himself dwelling on a more outward way to show the world how he feels for Vic. Though living with a superhero isn’t always easy, Matt wouldn’t have it any other way.

Especially when his car is vandalized late one night …

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