V: The V in Valor Re-released

This week I’ve re-released V: The V in Valor, the first story in my series Vic and Matt: V Series. Currently books 2 through 4 of the series are still available through Amber Allure Press, but as they come out of contract, I will re-publish them all through JMS Books.

For fans of Vic and Matt, this series starts a new chapter in their life. They’re beginning to form a family, and Matt’s goal is to find a commitment ring that symbolizes their relationship. There are five books in the series (I published the 5th one through JMS Books earlier this year), and once all books are re-published, they will be released as a paperback collection.

The sudden appearance of superpowers might transform most mild-mannered men into egomaniacs with visions of grandeur. Fortunately, Vic Braunson isn’t most men. His powers come from his lover, Matt diLorenzo, and Vic refuses to let the abilities control or change him.

But even he can’t stop the powers from enhancing who he is.

The V in Valor is the first in a series of five stories exploring different aspects of Vic’s personality that are brought out by his superpowers. When one of the landlady’s cats gets loose, Matt broaches the subject of getting a pet with his lover. Vic doesn’t want the added responsibility, but the discussion raises questions of long-term commitment that neither man is ready to address just yet.

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