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Today’s guest is Terry O’Reilly, whose latest book Welcome Home, Soldier was just published by JMS Books!

About Welcome Home, Soldier:

I was born during World War II and grew up during the wars in Korea and Vietnam. During these times, much was made in the media of the sacrifices our men and women made for their country. I have great respect for all those who served in those conflicts.

Now, as I see so many of our men and women once again in harm’s way, I am moved by their courage and willingness to leave their families to fight for our freedom. The scenes of their homecomings often move me to tears. Those moments inspired me to write Welcome Home, Soldier.

Being gay myself, I wondered what kind of welcome a gay soldier would receive. I explored what motivated him to join the military in the first place and how his fight to reclaim what he believed in didn’t end on the battlefield.


A broken-hearted Ward Cartwright left town to join the army when his boyfriend Tyler Hughes turned his back on their love and married a woman.

Ten years later, Tyler is a widower with two young boys, and Ward has returned home. He is hopeful he can re-establish his relationship with Tyler.

Even though a decade has passed, Tyler still feels tied to the family-owned feed mill. He has folks depending on the mill for employment, there are his children to consider, they live in a small town, and … But despite this, Tyler finds there are plenty of benefits to giving Ward a job in the mill — lots of out-of-the-way places to explore Ward’s army-honed, muscular body.

Just when Tyler resolves to live more openly with Ward, rumors begin to surface, not just at the mill, but at his sons’ school.

Ward knows the upcoming battle is just as serious as anything he’s faced in Afghanistan. Instead of fighting for his country, the soldier is fighting for his lover’s heart. Will Ward finally emerge victorious, or will Tyler’s self-doubt and fear of prejudice win out again?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the book today!

About Terry O’Reilly:

Terry O’Reilly is a retired school teacher living a quiet life in the Midwest with his three dogs and his horse. He began writing several years ago at the urging of a friend, and fellow author. He has books available through several publishers. Writing has become an important part of his life. It has allowed him to explore his own thoughts, needs and feelings, as well as learn about other cultures and eras as he researches his stories.

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