#SundaySnippet from The Positions of Love by J.M. Snyder

This week’s Sunday Snippet comes from my latest box set release, The Positions of Love, which contains all 12 stories of the series featuring my gay superhero characters, Vic and Matt.

Originally the stories were released individually by Amber Quill, and when they came out of contract, I re-released them the same way. But it’s been several years since they were first published, and I thought it about time to lump them all together into one box set and sell them as a collection instead of one by one.

Warning: The excerpt below is NSFW, so enjoy 🙂


When Matt diLorenzo gives his lover, Vic Braunson, a copy of the Kama Sutra for Gay Men as a Christmas gift, they find it doubles as a handy reference guide to Vic’s super powers. All they have to do is test out the positions to see which one gives him what ability …


Earlier that morning, before either of them had left for work, Matt brought up the gift again. “We’ll unplug the phones and lock the door from Friday night through the day after Christmas,” Matt told him. “No one will disturb us.”

Sipping his coffee at the dining room table, Vic grunted. He couldn’t quite match Matt’s enthusiasm this early—at quarter to six, he was lucky to be out of bed. Being awake was another matter altogether.

But his lover enjoyed teasing him in the morning. When he didn’t answer immediately, Matt came up behind him and murmured into his ear, “I know what you’re thinking.”

At the warm breath that curled through him, all coherent thought disappeared. Vic leaned back against the arms crossed behind his chair and muttered, “What?”

“What about Santa Claus?” Matt asked.

Vic’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What?” What exactly were they talking about again?

Matt laughed. “He’s not invited. Let him find his own man.” He ran his hands over his lover’s shoulders and hugged him close. When he kissed the top of Vic’s bald head, his warm mouth left an imprint that tingled on Vic’s scalp. “You’re all mine.”

“You want a piece of me right now?” Vic asked, finishing the rest of his java. Matt’s hands trailed down over Vic’s broad chest, slipping beneath his flannel robe to rub his stomach. At his lover’s touch, Vic’s sleepiness dissolved beneath his wakened libido. “We’ve got some time.”

In his ear, Matt whispered, “Then stand up.”

As Vic complied, Matt uncinched the robe from his waist. It fell to the floor in a rush of fabric to pool at Vic’s feet. Beneath it, he was naked. Moving Vic’s chair out of the way, Matt stepped up behind his lover, his arms encircling Vic’s stocky waist, his hands trailing down over Vic’s shaved genitals. The start of an erection prodded Vic’s ample buttocks. With one hand cupping Vic’s balls, the other tickling along the length of his cock, Matt kissed a tender spot behind Vic’s ear. “Bend over.”

Releasing Vic’s nuts, Matt brought that hand around between them to pinch Vic’s ass, which earned him a surprised yelp. Then strong fingers stroked down the cleft of Vic’s buttocks to rim his puckered hole. Vic gasped and leaned heavily on the table, his legs spreading wide as he arched his back, pressing against those fingers until one eased inside.

Matt moved his finger slowly, gently, working his way in. Vic didn’t mind the lack of lubrication; he was an ass man, and anal play turned him on more than anything else. He liked it fast, and hard, and rough. But when Matt sank to his knees and kissed Vic’s trembling flesh, his tongue licking along Vic’s musky anus, the wet heat excited him more. With both hands now, Matt spread his buttocks wide, tasting him, biting at him, loving him. Vic melted onto the kitchen table, his thick legs limp, his chest pressed hard against the newspaper he had been reading. Beneath his face, a plastic coaster stuck to his cheek; as Matt licked into him, Vic closed his eyes and gave in to the sensation.

Suddenly his lover’s voice filled his head. ::Like that?::

Vic’s reply was a growl of lust. Matt ducked between Vic’s legs to suckle his balls, then licked along the length of his hard dick. Vic gripped the sides of the dining room table with both hands as he raised his hips, begging to be entered. ::Please.:: The thought passed between them easily, but when Matt didn’t respond, Vic added, ::Matty, what are you waiting for? Fuck me already.::

Behind him, Matt laughed. “Since you asked so nice…”

His touch disappeared, and Vic thought he’d hump the table in a minute if he had to, he was that close to release. Reaching out with his mind, he slipped into Matt’s head and saw his lover retrieve a small jar of Vaseline from the nearby credenza. Matt scooped out a dollop of the petroleum jelly, then smeared it between Vic’s buttocks. Arching his back again, Vic spread his legs farther apart and muttered, “Sometime today—”

The words escalated into a roar of delight as his lover’s thick cock, coated with the jelly, pressed into him. Their coupling was furious and hot, and Matt’s slick hands grappled at Vic’s hips as they fucked. Vic clung to the table, relishing the hardness beneath him and his lover’s body pressing him down. Mentally, he goaded Matt on, ::Harder, yes, yes, YES.:: Beneath their thrusts, the table skidded an inch or two, squealing along the dining room floor. ::Yes, yes, God Matty, faster, yes!::

Through their mental connection, Vic sensed Matt’s orgasm a second before it flooded him, and he raised his legs up off the floor, straightening them, then bent his knees to wrap his calves around his lover’s buttocks. Crossing his ankles, he squeezed his legs together to pull Matt even closer to him, driving him farther in. Matt came in a hot rush, sparking Vic’s own simultaneous release. With his legs raised off the floor he felt free, floating, as if he had disappeared from the world and all its worries, with only Matt on him, with him, in him.

Lips kissed Vic’s sweaty shoulder, and Matt pressed in just an inch or two more, filling Vic completely, as he stood on tiptoe to touch his mouth to Vic’s. “Love you, big guy,” he murmured. Then he took a step back, pulled free, and slapped Vic’s tingling ass. “You’re going to be late for work.”

Rousing himself, Vic muttered, “I could call in.”

“And give up a day at Christmas?” Matt laughed. “Not on your life, dude. That was just an inkling of what all I’ve got planned.”

Vic’s cock swelled at the thought.

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