Speed Trap by J.M. Snyder

It’s a fact of life that sex sells. But one of my best selling romances contains no sex scene at all — in Speed Trap, the two men never even share a kiss!

When Mark Peters is stopped for speeding, patrol officer Lt. W.V. Tench lets him off with just a warning. The only problem is that now Mark can’t get the sexy cop out of his mind. When his friends jokingly suggest he drive around until he gets pulled over again, Mark thinks that’s a great idea.

Except it’s a different cop this time. And this one isn’t as taken in with Mark’s disarming grin as Lt. Tench claimed to be.

With his friends snickering beside him, Mark just wants to drive off and try his luck again. How many tickets will he have to rack up just to meet the man of his dreams?

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