Sitting Poolside with J.M. Snyder

If you like short M/M stories, take a look at Poolside.

It appears in the anthology (and box set) Shorts and sells for only 99¢ as a stand-alone ebook. It’s also a great introduction to my steamier stories, so why not take a look?

Besides, hot pool sex is just what everyone needs as the summer winds down, no? 🙂


Kevin’s had the hots for Danny from the start of the semester. They live on the same floor in their college dormitory, and Danny’s flamboyant manner excites the sedate Kevin. When it finally looks like they’re going to hook up, though, Danny disappears, leaving Kevin hurt and wondering what it was he said or did to chase him away.

Then Danny shows up at the school pool, where Kevin works as a lifeguard. He seems interested enough, but Kevin’s been there, done that. What can Danny possibly do to convince Kevin he’s interested?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy today!