Scarred Re-released

This week I’ve re-released Scarred, a short novel previously published in e-book format by Aspen Mountain Press.

This was one of the first short stories I wrote when I stopped writing fan fiction. I couldn’t tell you where the idea for it came from ~ I just sat down and started typing, and the story took shape as I wrote. I love tales set in a dystopic future, and Scarred definitely fits that bill.

Biker gangs known as regulators rule the streets of a war-torn city with hate and pain — their cruelty is etched into every inch of Dae’s battered body. He has never known anything but hurt from the hands of men … until he meets Coby.

When the new regulator rides into town and takes an interest in him, Dae is unwilling to believe that anyone who is a regulator can be a gentle, caring lover.

Is Coby strong enough to protect Dae and his sister Delia when there’s hell to pay in the form of McBane?

Read an excerpt or to buy your copy of the e-book today!

Want to win a free copy? Comment on this post and I’ll choose one lucky winner on Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Scarred Re-released”

  1. I love that story. I’ve been meaning to re-read that and the other stories in that anthology you released Scarred with before. 🙂

  2. I’ve really been enjoying your stories. I especially liked Love in the Library. I still have The Bonds of Love to read on my Kindle. You’re a great author.

    I absolutely love distopians and was just telling someone today that there should be more gay lit distopians out there. It’s so hard to search by genre because gay lit is usually just thrown in with GLBT with no further sub-categories. I think it’s a bit disrespectful of booksellers, to be honest.

    Anyway, please enter me in this roll. I’d definitely like to read this one.

  3. ERICA,

    Congrats! You’ve won a free copy of Scarred! I’ll email you to see what format you want.

    Everyone else, thanks for commenting! Check back often ~ I’m always giving something away!

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