Sacred Isle by Eve Francis

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Today’s guest is Eve Francis, whose lesbian erotic romance fantasy Sacred Isle was just released by JMS Books!

About Sacred Isle:

My story Sacred Isle is a supernatural mystery novella set along the Florida coastline that involves two girlfriends who stumble upon a body of a man who seems as if he was murdered by a mermaid. As they investigate the crime, they grow apart, and a new woman named Sabrina catches Tara, the main character’s attention.

I love mystery and true crime novels, and I love it even more when there’s a twist of the supernatural involved. Obviously, there’s been no “real” case of a mermaid killing a man on a Florida coastline, but I drew inspiration from the real life city of Cassadaga.

Cassadaga has been called the psychic capital of the world. Back in the Victorian era, when spiritualism was popular, a community of spiritualists started a community there. As the decades passed, psychics, energy workers, and tarot readers — among others in the metaphysical community — moved into the Cassadaga Hotel and down the street from the spiritualists who still live and practice there today.

I wanted to capture the magical atmosphere of Cassadaga when I wrote Sacred Isle. Mystery novels are very evidence-based, and so is Tara. When something as preposterous as a killer mermaid seems to be the only answer, I wanted her to tap into her long-ignored intuitive feelings and follow them in order to solve the case. I also wanted to provide an ending that would leave people hopeful for the possibility of something more beyond the physical world, which seems to be exactly what people seek when they go to Cassadaga.

Also, I adore mermaids and wanted any excuse to write about them. I highly recommend checking out this amazing playlist on 8tracks, especially the track “Deep Sea Diver” by Bat for Lashes, to capture the feel to this story, as well. Thank you!


After Tara Hayes’s most recent best seller, she and her long-time girlfriend Wendy go on a road trip. They soon arrive along the Florida coastline at the Sacred Isle Diner where yet another case falls into Tara’s lap. She uses her training as a PI and the notoriety from her famous book to wedge her way into the investigation of a man who appears to have been killed by a mermaid.

Though Tara knows the idea is ridiculous, the possible siren that haunts the Florida coastline is all she can think about. It’s not long before Tara stumbles on Sabrina Taylor, the victim’s sister, and forgets about Wendy entirely.

Sabrina is a blonde bombshell with an amazing voice and even more amazing touch. Tara is enchanted right away, but a shocking turn in the investigation makes her realize Sabrina may be more than who she says she is.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the book today!

About Eve Francis:

Eve Francis lives in Canada, where she sleeps often late, spends too much time online, and repeatedly watches old horror movies and Orange Is The New Black.

Find Eve online at the links below!

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