Rub Me the Right Way Exclusive Excerpt!

Rub Me the Right Way is my latest short story, at the moment available only on the Kindle!


It isn’t that state trooper Mitch Adams doesn’t trust his boyfriend Daryl Danson. They’ve been in an exclusive relationship for eight years, the last five of which they’ve lived together. He knows Daryl isn’t interested in other guys, and he knows Daryl loves him.

But Mitch doesn’t like the fact that Daryl, a physical therapist turned professional masseuse, spends his working hours touching other people’s bodies. It’s hard to understand that the loving massages he receives in the bedroom aren’t the norm, especially since he’s never had a professional massage.

Mitch decides to do a little investigative work and discover for himself what exactly happens in the massage parlor. But when Daryl finds out about the appointment, he decides to give his lover a rub-down Mitch won’t soon forget.


Eight years later, Daryl couldn’t imagine not having Mitch in his life. When they met, Daryl was instantly attracted to the older state trooper — something about the way Mitch’s dark hair was already peppered with gray, or the ramrod way he held his shoulders back, or the way his jeans hung on his hips. Daryl couldn’t put his finger on it, but when he saw Mitch eyeing him from across the room, he knew he wasn’t going to let the man walk out of his life so easily.

Daryl was always outgoing, bordering on flamboyant at times. He was quick to laugh and makes friends easily. Mitch, on the other hand, was quiet and reserved. His bulky frame filled out his uniform nicely. With his trim beard and mustache, his carefully groomed hair, and the thick, curly hair covering his arms and legs and chest, he looked like a gruff teddy bear. The first thing Daryl thought when he saw the dark hair on Mitch’s arms was, I wonder what that looks like between his legs.

He knew he had to find out.

Their first date ended with Daryl inviting Mitch into the small apartment he shared with his friend Wanda. The sight of the large man stretched out on his flannel sheets was an invitation Daryl couldn’t resist. As he warmed a tube of massage oil between his hands, he said, “I can take a look at that shoulder for you now, if you want.”

“Is that all you want to look at?” Mitch countered.

Daryl heard the soft sigh of fabric and turned to find Mitch bare-chested, his shirt discarded on the floor, his fingers already loosening the belt on his jeans. In two steps, Daryl was beside him, hands delving into the carpet of hair darkening Mitch’s pecs.

“You like?” Mitch asked, a coy sparkle in his eyes.

“I love,” Daryl admitted. Spreading his legs, he straddled Mitch’s knees and ran both hands through the chest hair. He loved a manly man, and Mitch fit the bill exactly. He bent down to rub his clean-shaven chin across Mitch’s muscles, feeling the pert nipples scrape across his skin. “Are you this hairy all over?”

“Get me out of these jeans and I’ll let you find out,” Mitch teased.

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