Remy and Lane Complete Series Box Set now available everywhere!

In December, I released several box sets through Amazon’s Kindle Select program exclusively, and found they did very well initially. But, like with any new book, sales dropped off after the first few months of release, and I no longer see any benefits of keeping the titles only on one site.

So as they come out of Kindle Jail the program, I’m going to publish them widely through other distribution outlets, including the JMS Books website. The first box set is the Remy and Lane Complete Series, which contains two of my best-selling novels in one e-book!


Both books in the Remy and Lane series for one low price! Contains the stories:

Just the Three of Us: Remy McIntosh Remy is looking forward to a holiday vacation at a secluded cabin with his lover, Lane Anders. He’s planned the perfect getaway for just the two of them. But when his ex-wife changes her Christmas plans at the last minute, he has to bring along his 8 year old son, Braeden, too. Braeden doesn’t know Lane, or even that his father is gay. What will happen to the romantic holiday Remy planned for so long?

Hawaiian Wedding: Remy and Lane are back to plan their Christmas wedding! Because their state doesn’t allow same-sex marriage, they travel to Hawaii to plan the perfect wedding. But things go wrong from the start. Remy doesn’t know whether to laugh at his troubles or cry with frustration. Will they get to say “I do” on an island beach, or should they elope?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy today!

(Psst — it’s on sale at All Romance eBooks through Wednesday!)