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Today’s guest is Rebecca James, whose e-book Third Mate was just released by JMS Books!

About Third Mate:

Hi, I’m Rebecca James, and the third book in my River Wolf Pack series went live July 16. In Third Mate, the culmination of the trouble brewing in the pack comes to a head with major results.

Unlike the first two books, where readers got one point of view throughout, Third Mate is written in the alternating points of view of four people: Jax, Leo, Sam, and Josiah. Readers will get to know Josiah as a parent and how he feels about the trouble brewing in the pack. Leo, an ambitious and very sexy alpha, has his hands full with his attraction to both the omega Sam and the coyote shifter Foster. Sam’s point-of-view makes it obvious that he’s reading Leo a little differently than others, and when the young omega’s heat unexpectedly begins in the presence of three alphas, Sam finds himself in a precarious position! Jax has been waffling for too long about staying on the compound or leaving. He’s a human living in a pack of werewolves, and the majority of the weres don’t like that. Will Jax take the bite and live there with David forever, or will he be able to give David up entirely and let Brooks step in?

A teaser for book four: Things are going in a new direction for our favorite wolves. Readers will get new points of view, including River’s and Brooks’s, as well as a peek at the inner workings of the Angel Hills Pack.


Sequel to Second Alpha

The winds of change are blowing through the River Wolf Pack compound. River, the pack alpha, has allowed rogue wolves, a coyote shifter, and humans to join the pack. Then there’s the twin girls that Josiah, River’s mate, has given birth to. A movement to return to more traditional werewolf ways is gaining momentum.

In exchange for Leo’s help, Stone offers him the position of second alpha should Stone succeed in usurping River as pack alpha. Leo has his own problems — his desire to rise within the pack wars with his dislike of Stone. With the addition of Sam and Foster into the mix, Leo’s personal life is no less complex.

Jax knows he must make a difficult decision before he’s turned out of the compound. Should he remain human or accept David’s bite? He loves the alpha wolf, but he also has ties to the human world, ones he doesn’t want to sever. When David discovers Brooks is considering mating Stone, David determines to prevent it. Can Jax provide a solution to Brooks’s problem even if it means sacrificing his own happiness?

Can River remain in charge of an increasingly fractured pack? Does he even want to?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the book today!

About Rebecca James:

Rebecca James majored in English literature, loves reading and writing, and resides in the United States of America.

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