Playing the Field: Batter Up by J.M. Snyder

Filed under: Published! Writing as J.M. Snyder Jul 23, 2012

Last week I published a new gay erotic romance short story as part of my Playing the Field series. This one’s called Batter Up.


When the Wildwood Waves come to the Richmond Diamond, Rob Ritchie sneaks into the ballpark to watch them practice. He’s spotted by the team’s short stop, Mike Hennessey, a sexy man who takes a liking to Rob. Baseball banter turns into a date, and that evening Rob takes Mike to his favorite gay bar in the hopes of scoring a home run later in Mike’s hotel room.

Somehow, amid the flirting and the sex, Rob conveniently forgets to mention he plays for the home team.

It isn’t until Mike spies Rob on the baseball field facing off against the Waves that he realizes he slept with the enemy. Rob knows Mike’s upset, but can he talk his way back into the short stop’s bed after the game?

Read an excerpt or to buy your copy of the e-book today!

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