Outage Excerpt

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Outage yet, what are you waiting for?

Though this story is part of the ongoing adventures of my gay superhero couple Vic and Matt, you don’t have to read all the preceding titles to get into this one. All you really need to know is that Vic gets a wide variety of superhuman powers every time he and Matt make love.

Where do these powers come from? Matt’s semen.

In Outage, Matt’s coworker Roxie drags him to a boring workshop on office administration. When a winter storm knocks out power to the city, they find themselves trapped in an elevator downtown. Vic’s current superpower is an electromagnetic ability that will allow him to rescue the pair. But fallen power lines and the building’s concierge stymie Vic. Then there’s Roxie, who doesn’t yet know of Vic’s powers or how he gets them.

Here’s an additional excerpt from the story …

Outage (excerpt)

Copyright 2011 by J.M. Snyder

Vic trudged up the stairs to their apartment, a hulking glower on his face to keep from wincing at every step. When he finally entered their apartment, he locked the door behind him and began to step out of his work boots. When his lover didn’t appear from the doorway to the kitchen, hands holding a hot steaming bowl of the chili Vic could smell, he called out, “Matty?”

No response.

Switching to telepathy, he growled, ::Where are you?::

From the bathroom down the hall, Vic heard the high-pitched squeal of water running in the shower. Matt’s voice echoed in Vic’s mind like a siren’s dulcet song. ::It’s all heated up for you, babe. Let’s wash that day away.::

Vic didn’t need to be asked twice. Unbuttoning his work shirt, he let it fall to the floor. A little way down the hall, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and stepped out of them, leaving them in a puddle by the doorway to the kitchen. He stepped out of his socks, one at a time, and the tank top he wore as an undershirt was tossed unceremoniously at the utility room, where it struck the closed door. His briefs twisted as he shucked them off, forming a figure 8 on the floor just outside the bathroom door. Easing the door open, Vic was met by the moist mist from the shower. “Damn,” he muttered. “You’re going to use up all the hot water.”

Matt laughed. But when Vic opened the door wide, he didn’t see his lover inside the small confines of the bathroom. “Matty?” he asked. The room felt like a sauna around him, and he shut the door to keep the warmer air in. Reaching out with his mind, Vic wondered, ::Where are you?::

Movement inside the shower caught Vic’s attention, and his lover’s hand appeared on the edge of the curtain. Before he could even pull the curtain out of the way, Vic was tripping over himself to climb into the tub. Matt closed the curtain behind him, creating a damp, intimate space the two of them shared, and suddenly his wet body pressed against Vic’s dry skin, his arms circling around Vic’s waist to hold him close, his chin on Vic’s shoulder as he sighed into his lover, “Welcome home.”

“This is the best part of my day,” Vic admitted. He hugged Matt close, cupping his lover’s buttocks in both large hands, lifting him closer as his mouth found Matt’s. The sweetness of his lover’s kiss invigorated him—Matt’s tongue dipped between Vic’s lips, hungry for a taste of him, and a desirous lust began to simmer between them, like a banked fire fanned back to life. The hot spray cascading from the shower paled in comparison to the heat they created, and Vic could almost believe the steam that rose from the shower to fill the small bathroom was sparked from the touch of their flesh instead.

Their kisses grew ardent, demanding, but when Vic tried to pin Matt to the wall, his lover resisted. “Let me,” he said, his words almost drowned out by the splash of water on tile. This close to his lover, though, their defenses were stripped and they each lay bare to the other, their souls nearly one, and Vic could feel the words in his mind even as they were spoken aloud. “You’re the one who needs a little pampering.”

To Vic, that meant, bend over. “I sort of hoped to eat first,” he admitted. “I fuck better on a full stomach.”

Stepping out of Vic’s embrace, Matt laughed as he began to soap up a washcloth. “I never noticed. You fuck great all the time to me.”

“Well,” Vic conceded, “since you’re the only one I’m fucking, I guess that’s all that matters. What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like?” The washcloth bubbled with lather now, the white suds dribbling down Matt’s arm like cum.

“Are you sure this doesn’t involve me getting it up the ass somehow?” Vic asked, dubious. “Soap burns, you know?”

“You like it,” Matt countered. At Vic’s concession, though, Matt slapped the washcloth to Vic’s broad, hairless, heavily tattooed chest. His fingers began massaging the cloth against Vic’s skin, paying special attention to the ruddy nipples that stood up like hard nuggets beneath the suds. “But not tonight, poo bear. This is all about me making you feel good.”

Vic grinned. “Getting it up the ass feels good. Did you just call me ‘poo bear’?”

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