Old Familiar Song now available!

My latest novel, Old Familiar Song, is now available in e-book format!

I’ll tell you a secret — the inspiration for this story was a photo I saw on Joey Fatone’s Instagram account … yes, I follow as many of the guys from ‘N Sync as I can on social media. I’m still a huge fangirl at heart. He apparently took his daughter to a Justin Timberlake concert (how cute is that?) and when they went backstage afterward, he posted an image of his daughter and Justin on Instagram. Which got me thinking … I mean, I did write boy band slash for years, you know?


Back in college, Larry Carson played drums in a friend’s band and fell in love with the lead singer, Geoffrey Mason. But all that’s in the past. Larry’s now thirty-five, divorced, and father to a precocious thirteen-year-old daughter.

One day, when Larry picks Crystal up from school, a song comes on the radio by a new rockstar climbing the charts. Larry recognizes Geoff’s voice immediately, though Crystal calls him Geo and claims he’s the hottest new singer on the scene. Just hearing him brings back a flood of memories, reopening wounds Larry thought long healed.

The more he listens to Geo’s music, the more Larry falls in love with his former boyfriend all over again. Partly to prove to his daughter that he used to know Geo back in the day, and partly to reconnect with his old friend, Larry buys tickets to an upcoming concert and manages to score backstage passes.

But there was a reason Larry and Geoff lost touch — and stayed out of touch for so long. Will Geo even want to see Larry again after all this time? Or will the magic of their old familiar song bring about a harmonious duet?

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