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Today’s guest is Morgan May, whose gay BDSM erotic romance Caught and Collared is available today!

About Caught and Collared:

The story follows Aden Brand, a quiet, self-contained literature professor. He lives in a tiny house with a dog named Baxter and doesn’t let people too close to him. There are things spilling out of Aden — messy and terrifying things — but he keeps it close to the vest. Always the first to leave the party and the last to ask for help, easier to be forgotten than to risk being hurt.

When his alcoholic father Gale dies in a car accident, Aden must come home to confront his relationship with the father who disowned him at 18. Home, in this case, is the cottage on the edge of the property of the Bellamy family’s sprawling estate, where Gale worked and lived as the family’s groundskeeper. Here Aden spent a lonely youth, wandering the woodlands that border the estate.

Aden was always a stray, as far back as he could remember, both in his father’s life and in the lives of the Bellamy family. There’s the distant patriarch Philip, the aesthetically-inclined matriarch Sabine, the shrewd and standoffish eldest daughter Celia, and the meddling (but well-meaning) youngest daughter Ellie. Now back on the estate, Aden is saddled with two grim tasks: to sort through his father’s belongings, and to avoid being drawn back into the Bellamy’s family drama.

This doesn’t work because, against his better judgment, Aden crosses paths with Kristoffer Rask, husband to heiress Celia. Kristoffer, feuding with the otherwise unflappable Ellie and kept on a short leash by his wife, is a bit of a problem. Depending on who you ask, he may either be a cheating letch who took advantage of the much younger Aden, or the love of Aden’s then-young life.

Because those messy, terrifying things Aden doesn’t talk about? They all have to do with the shame and fear that comes of craving submission, the thrill of yielding total control to another person. The relief of being collared, bound, and owned by someone else. Things only Kristoffer knows about him, and could now cost them both everything.


Where Kristoffer was concerned, Aden knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to kneel at Kristoffer’s feet like a loyal dog. He wanted to offer his wrists up to be bound by rope or cable, held over his head or tied behind his back. He wanted to give himself up, open and empty, to be filled with whatever Kristoffer had to give him. Aden wanted to be owned, just as he had been when he was eighteen.

Aden Brand, a quiet, self-contained Russian literature professor, returns home to deal with the death of his estranged father, Gale. Gale, a groundskeeper, worked for and lived on the grounds of the wealthy Bellamy family, raising his only son on the fringes of opulence. Aden returns to the Bellamy estate to deal with his father’s belongings, and to a home he hasn’t seen since his father disowned him at 18.

Now unwillingly thrust in the middle of the Bellamy family’s lives again, Aden soon crosses paths with Kristoffer Rask. Husband of heiress Celia Bellamy, Kristoffer has been keeping secrets since the summer Aden was sent away, and secrets Aden hasn’t told anyone else since. The secret? Aden is a submissive: his only sense of emotional safety comes from being dominated, collared, and owned. And Kristoffer is the only person to ever meet those needs for Aden, despite the pain their brief affair has carried for 17 years.

Unable to get free from the hold that Kristoffer has on him, Aden is drawn back into Kristoffer’s orbit. Together they must now face their shared past, regardless of what it may cost them both

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About Morgan May:

From Fort Worth, Texas, Morgan May is an author of diverse and body positive LGBTAQ+ erotic romance fiction. She likes chubby werewolf girls and boys in collars. Caught and Collared is her first novel, but there will be many more to come.

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