Mojo’s Mojo by J.M. Snyder

This week I published a brand new gay erotic short story called Mojo’s Mojo. It’s one of my first “gay for you” stories, inspired by my many trips to the tattoo parlor.

Wray is a tattoo artist at Tattoo 804, where he rents a booth beside his best friend Mojo. Though he knows Mojo is straight, Wray can’t help falling for the man’s flirtatious banter. To make matters worse, Mojo’s girlfriend is pregnant, and doesn’t want him bothering her with his sexual needs. She warns Wray to keep Mojo from fooling around with other women, but only laughs when he suggests Mojo fool around with him, instead.

One weekend, Mojo asks Wray to attend a local convention with him, where they’ll run tattoo booths in the dealer room. Wray agrees, but on the way to the con, Mojo tells him the real reason he’s coming along — Mojo wants a new tattoo … in a very private part of his body. And he wants Wray to give it to him.

Will Wray be able to put aside his growing lust and perform professionally during the procedure? Or does Mojo have an ulterior motive for dropping his pants?

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