Maintenance! by J.M. Snyder

This week I published a brand new gay erotic short story entitled Maintenance!.

This story was inspired by true life. Unfortunately, the maintenance man for my apartment complex isn’t as hot as Elliott is in the story, and fortunately he never walked in on me while I was in the shower. But right after Hurricane Irene went through, I felt a little bad calling to complain about my air conditioner, which wasn’t damaged in the storm. I mean, whole blocks of apartments were without power, and I was bothered by a little drip inside the A/C unit! Still, it needed to get fixed, so I thought I’d call and get it on the work schedule.

Right after I called, though, I wanted to take a shower and run out to do some errands. But I could just imagine what would happen if I were still in the shower when the maintenance guy came knocking …

Though maintenance man Elliot has a list of work orders a mile long, he decides to knock out one of the easier jobs right before lunch — an upper floor apartment has a leak in the A/C’s condensation line. It’ll take five minutes to blow through, then Elliott can take a break.

When he arrives at the apartment, he finds the female tenant in the shower. He debates coming back later, but he’s already there and wants to get the job over with as soon as possible. He’s halfway finished, too, when the bathroom door opens and there stands Donnie — very wet, very naked, and definitely very male.

Suddenly Elliott wants to blow something other than an A/C line.

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