Lover’s Cross by J.M. Snyder

This week I released a brand new gay romance short story entitled Lover’s Cross.

How do I describe this story? It’s contemporary, no doubt. A romance, definitely. But there’s an element of fantasy, magic realism, even the paranormal in it. There’s a happy ever after in the story, but it’s not your usual HEA ending.

After a bad car accident, Jory’s lover Peter assures him he’s doing fine. But when Jory attends a get-well party at the house of a coworker, he’s surprised when no one asks him how Peter is doing. More disconcerting, Peter’s gold cross necklace is missing, and Jory suffers from headaches whenever his best friend Bruce brings up the accident.

Where is the cross? And why does Bruce keep asking Jory to remember what happened to his lover?

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