Let Me Catch You by Kent Deron

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Today’s guest is Kent Deron, an indie author whose gay romance Let Me Catch You is available only on Kindle!

About Let Me Catch You:

When I started writing Let Me Catch You, the story I had in mind was very different from the one I finished with. The characters sort of took over and dictated which direction they wanted their tale to go. I’m glad they did. The main culprit for this takeover was Shaun — who really was a pleasure to write. I love the flavour he brings to the story and the dynamic he shares with Stephen and the rest of the crew.

Let Me Catch You takes place in New Zealand and alternates between present day and 1995. It was a challenge trying to juggle the two but, like pieces of a puzzle, they all came together in the end to create a bigger picture of what the book is really about: love, kindness, and not giving a heck what others think.

I liked the idea of setting an M/M romance along the remote coast of North Taranaki with its high cliffs, native forest, and rough seas. The moody image went well with the supernatural elements and Maori spirituality to help give the story its added layer.

I do hope readers come away with a connection to the characters and a real feel for New Zealand while having a few tugs (on the heart strings), laughs, and warm fuzzy moments.


Some paths in life lead us to take a leap of faith.

Self-conscious, Inver Murray has come home to Clifton to bury the father he barely knew. Staying with his father’s former boss, Stephen Davis, provides a distraction from his mess of a life, and a face that continues to haunt him. Soon though, awkward interactions with Stephen, and strange happenings in the night, begin to rattle Inver, who is unaware his handsome host intends to make him pay for the sins of his father.

It’s 1995 and cocky womanizer Stephen has returned to the family farm to inherit a responsibility that was never meant to be his. Feeling bored and trapped, he develops an unlikely friendship with social outcast Shaun Munro. As lines between mates are crossed, Stephen begins to question what he stands for. The true spirit of their friendship betrays those around them, leading to severe consequences in a town rife with secrets, and forces Stephen to choose which path in life to take.

About Kent Deron:

Kent lives in New Zealand under the shadow of a mountain where it rains … a lot. Aside from enjoying far too many things bad for his health, he also gets a kick out of music, reading, sharing ghost stories, road trips, and talking excellent effluent over coffee with mates and family.

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