Kassandra Lea on her new release, Hardwood

Filed under: Guest Posts May 12, 2016

Today Kassandra Lea stops by to talk about her latest e-book Hardwood, which was just published by JMS Books as part of their Men at Work line!

About Hardwood:

Ever since meeting my own hunk in a hard hat, I’ve wanted to write a story including a buff handyman. I always thought it would be fun to visit him at the work site a little late in the evening, maybe bring him dinner, but that’s not at all professional. And there would likely be other people poking around. Of course, in Hardwood, fantasies get to play out. Seeley is a complete figment of my imagination. Chase, on the other hand, is modeled after the aforementioned hunk.

It was a joy to write this story, especially when I saw the cover being used for the open call. Talk about meant to be! Kismet. One of my absolute favorite parts is when Chase starts dropping perfectly normal construction terms that are definitely evocative. Mr. Hard Hat was more than happy to help me out; that was a fun conversation.

I actually enjoyed playing with Seeley and Chase so much that I’ve toyed with the idea of bringing them back in another piece at a later date. But until then I hope everyone enjoys their adventure. I would also like to point out that Hardwood is perhaps the most suggestive title I have ever bestowed on one of my stories, but it’s totally worth it.


Seeley Frain is all suits and ties and his fancy sedan. He makes his money working real estate flipping houses with the help of master contractor Chase Washburn. And it’s next to impossible for him to deny he’s attracted to this ruggedly handsome man. But the fear that his feelings may not be returned has kept Seeley from making any moves. At some point, though, his desires are bound to get the best of him.

On the flip side, Chase Washburn is fully aware of Seeley’s attraction. He’s made it a game to toy with Seeley, everything from wearing his jeans a little tighter to making suggestive remarks that sound dirty. He’s bound to make the real estate agent his one way or another, but what’s the harm in having a little fun first?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the book today!

About Kassandra Lea:

Kassandra Lea lives in WI where she enjoys the bitter winters with long hours of writing. She shares her living space with a cast of four-legged critters, her mom, and a friendly ghost.

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