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Today’s guest is Iyana Jenna to talk about her latest story, Nip and Tuck, which was just published by JMS Books!

About Nip and Tuck:

Nip and Tuck. I bet it’s going to remind you of a TV show. That’s right. Nip/Tuck. I have to admit I got an idea from it, but the characters, the story of a cosmetic surgeon and a rich man who needs his help, I don’t recall ever seeing it in one of the episodes of the TV series.

It started as a challenge, an M/M story with elements of romance and crime and a bit of mystery. My mind unknowingly went to Nip/Tuck and voilà! A story plot suddenly came to me. It was only for a short story, though. It seems like I still need to improve my ability to develop plots as well as my stamina so I can write longer stories.

In my story Nip and Tuck, I love how Hunter, the rich man, felt doubtful of going to a surgeon at first before he heard about Evan. He didn’t realize that by having Evan operate on him, he also took Evan into his life as well as the dangers that arose from their growing relationship.

That’s a little about my newest story. Thank you for reading this and thank you, JM, for having me.


As heir to Donahue Incorporated, Hunter Donahue had everything — looks, rich parents, cute boyfriend, you name it … before he lost it in an accident that left his face scarred and his boyfriend dead. With his life shattered, he retreats from society and hides away from the rest of the world.

Until he meets Dr. Evan Saxton, a cosmetic surgeon, who looks so much like Hunter’s late boyfriend. In the past, Hunter’s always refused corrective surgery, but now he wants a reason to see Evan more closely, and one way to do that is by asking the doctor to operate on his scarred face.

Has Hunter finally found someone new? Or will the procedure open up old wounds that haven’t completely healed?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the book today!

About Iyana Jenna:

I’m Iyana Jenna and you can call me Iyana. I like writing, romance, and man-love, so you’re mostly going to find my stories as m/m whether they are for adults or young adults. They are not going to be too heavy on explicit sex, though, as many say that my stories are considered sweet romance.

When I don’t write, I teach English to children, teens, and adults. I also work in the curriculum and materials department in a language institution. Among my responsibilities are writing books and tests.

Find Iyana online at the links below!

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    Thank you for everything! 😀

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