I’ll Take the Rain by J.M. Snyder

I’ll Take the Rain is now available!

You may or may not know that, once upon a time, I wrote fan fiction. That’s how I got into M/M erotic romance in the first place, way back in 1998. This story began life long ago as former fan fiction, but I really liked it and wanted to tweak it into something new.

I always thought this story was about true love withstanding whatever tests are thrown at it from all sides. The main character is young and immature, and his insecurities drive a wedge between himself and his boyfriend. His boyfriend is older and disgusted at his antics, but the communication between them has broken down to the point where, instead of conversation, they resort to barbed words and stinging feelings. Throw a roommate into the mix, who only sees the bad side of their relationship, and things come to a head quickly.

In my opinion, the story ends on a positive note. However, my writers’ group thought the relationship was borderline abusive, which was a bit more than what I intended. They only read small snippets of it, so I’m very curious what other readers think about the story and how the characters are portrayed. If you like it, if you don’t, please leave a comment and let me know!