Hot Merchandise by J.M. Snyder

This week’s release is a gay erotic short story that’s one of my favorite subgenres — interracial. This one’s called Hot Merchandise.

I never even realized I wrote a lot of IR stories until a reviewer pointed it out during an interview. They asked why I liked to write them and, really, the answer is simple. I think all types of men are hot, but I’m particularly attracted to African American guys. Hello, Will Smith? God, I love him!

The idea behind Hot Merchandise is twofold. When I was in college and my brother in his last year of high school, he got stopped at our local mall’s record store (remember when we used to call them that?) because of the heavy Army jacket he wore. One of the employees suspected him of shoplifting just on the fact that he wore a bulky coat. So when he tried to leave the store, he was detained and asked to empty the jacket’s pockets before they let him leave.

Fast forward a few years, and I got a job at that same record store (working for the same employee) one summer while on break from classes. In the wonderful world of the imagination (or slash, what have you), I’ve combined two former boyfriends to take over the main character roles in Hot Merchandise, finally giving both guys some hot loving.

It’s Friday night and the only music store in the mall, Da Hot Spot, is the place to be. Crammed with a young, rowdy crowd, the Spot pounds with a steady hip-hop beat that draws in the customers and keeps them milling in the aisles.

When an employee sees two guys casing the store, she advises manager Bill Jackson to call security. But the last thing Bill wants is to cause a scene, particularly one that might incite racial tension. In the hopes of settling things quietly, he asks the alleged shoplifters to empty their pockets.

Jamal Bey and his cousin Tyrece have long been regular customers at the Spot. Jamal knows Bill, but neither Tyrece nor Bill’s employees know just how well. When he’s asked, Jamal agrees to show Bill what’s in his pants … but only in private.

So the two head for the back room, where Bill discovers just how hot Jamal’s merchandise is.

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