His Scar by Erin E. Keller

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Today’s guest is Erin E. Keller, whose M/M erotic romance His Scar was just released by JMS Books!

About His Scar:

Everything started with a commercial.

I was watching a movie, and this new commercial came up. The protagonist was one of my favorite men ever: Gaspard Ulliel. He’s so handsome, so elegant, so sexy. And there’s one thing about him that has always fascinated me: the scar on his face (his scar is small, and if you don’t know where it is, you barely notice it). But during the commercial, he has this sullen and angry look that inspired me and gave me the perfect image of Ryan. A difficult man to handle, an angry and scarred man.

I saw a very specific scene with my mind’s eyes. The one that takes place in the cafeteria where Sean wants to make Ryan smile. I saw Sean’s hands reaching out and Ryan pulled back. I built the whole story around that scene.

And Ryan has been my very first original character.

Personal note: I have many scars, but despite having chosen Ryan as the narrator of this story, I’m more similar to Sean!


A car wreck leaves Ryan with a facial scar he believes people find unsightly. But not Sean, a smiling tattoo artist who doesn’t judge a book by its cover.

Sean manages to find the beauty in everyone, including gruff and defensive Ryan. He refuses to be put off by the hard mask behind which Ryan hides. But convincing Ryan to open his heart is proving to be quite a challenge.

When someone from Ryan’s past offers him what he wants most in the world, Ryan has a decision to make. Which voice will he listen to –­­ his heart or his head?

NOTE: This is the English translation of The Scar by Erin E. Keller, originally published in Italian.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the book today!

About Erin E. Keller:

Erin is Irish in her heart and soul, and she hopes to move to the Emerald Island one day. She lives with her husband and their cats in a house near a wheat field.

She has been writing for years, but admits she is a very undisciplined writer. The problem is that handling a couple of jobs makes it almost impossible to write every day.

She loves letting her mind wander through the real world. She likes to write contemporary M/M romance, because she loves love. And men.

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