Have you read Rockstar yet?

In case you haven’t noticed, as some of my older titles are released from the Kindle Select program, I’m revamping their covers. First I did VR Palace, and next up is Rockstar.

The original cover for this book was created by the very talented Paul Richmond, whose art is simply stunning. I still love the cover he did, but for some reason, the book never sold very well. A new cover may not be the answer — the main character in this story, Adam Blue, is a bit of an ass, so I know he’s hard for readers to love. Which tells me I write jerks really well, eh?

Anyway, if you’ve never read this story, I hope you’ll give it a chance. It’s one of my favorites, if I do say so myself, probably because Adam does grow into a better person by the end of the story, and it’s band fic (something that will always have a place in my heart).

And this week the ebook is 35% off at JMS Books!


Adam Blue is destined to be a rockstar. As lead singer of Viral Blue, he knows it’s just a matter of time before he’s on his way to fame and fortune. If he can just get a studio to sign his band and get his songs on the radio, he knows he’ll make it big.

When they land a spot onstage at a popular nightclub downtown, Adam hopes to get noticed. But he doesn’t expect to meet sexy Paulo Raucci, owner of Raucci Entertainment, a local studio looking for fresh talent. Paul likes Adam’s sound and, more importantly, likes Adam, as well.

But when Paul brings the band into the studio, his partner Lewis isn’t quite as taken with Adam’s rockstar attitude. Lewis doesn’t want to sign the band until Adam proves he’s willing to work. Unfortunately, the band takes second priority to Adam’s growing interest Paul … an interest that has nothing to do with his musical career.

The stress of recording their first studio album threatens to tear the band apart, and Adam’s ego further drives a wedge between the members of Viral Blue. Paul does his best to keep the band together, but ultimately it’s Adam’s call.

Adam wants it all — his band, his first record, and his new lover. Now that his dreams are finally within reach, what does he have to do to make them come true?

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