Have you been Flashed! yet?

So, yeah, I said I’d post something new a few days ago and I didn’t. I’m horrible at this blog gig, I swear.

On the off-chance anyone is still listening, I just released a new short story collection, called Flashed!, which has been in the making for the past few years. It contains only flash fiction ~ stories under 3,000 words in length.

Sometimes a story is nothing more than a brief scene that pops into my head. There’s nothing before it and nothing after it; the scene stands on its own, and adding more to it would dilute its message.

Flashed! contains 36 stories (a few of which are told as poems). They’re fast, bite-sized reads you can zip through in a matter of minutes. If a novel is a love affair, with its ups and downs, then a short story can sometimes be nothing more than a one night stand, a brief date, or a quick kiss in the dark. Each vignette is a glimpse into the lives and loves of very different couples. Some erotic, some bittersweet, every story in this collection celebrates a passion found only between two men.

Read an excerpt or to buy your copy of the e-book today!