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Today’s guest is Hallie Deighton, an indie author whose first M/M book Only One Month is now available!

About Only One Month:

Thank you for inviting me to your blog! My name’s Hallie Deighton, and after nine months of revisions and polishing I’m proud and pleased to release my first book Only One Month.

I came up with the idea for Only One Month on the two hour drive back from my country home town to Brisbane — I’ve always wanted to write something set in rural Queensland, and the idea of exploring M/M romance in that setting appealed to me.

How would gay farmer Rob McIntyre deal with who he is in an environment that, let’s be honest, is the most conservative in the country? I imagined him keeping that aspect of himself strictly private, not in denial about who he is, but not willing to risk sharing it with his community either — a man who has taken risks before but ended up with a bruised heart. I imagined a man who has compartmentalised these two aspects of himself — the image he presents to his local community, apparently straight, confirmed bachelor Rob McIntyre, and the man he is when he’s in the city, open and comfortable with his sexuality and who he loves.

What would happen if someone arrived who could challenge Rob to reconcile these two parts of his life? Could he open up and take a risk on both his heart and his way of life?

Most of all I had an image in my mind of a hot, sweltering summer’s day; of Rob, head tilted back against the verandah wall, swallowing hard, sweat trickling down his bare neck, as Luke closes the distance between them, breaching the carefully constructed barrier Rob’s put up between himself and the world.

I hope you enjoy Only One Month and Rob’s journey to open his heart and home to Luke Wallis.


Aussie farmer Rob McIntyre keeps his private life strictly private. His sex life is confined to brief escapes to the city and he’s all but given up hope of ever having a romantic relationship here in the small farming community of June Valley. That is until city boy, Luke Wallis, comes to stay.

Rob has never been more tempted. But there’s no way he’ll risk his love life becoming the talk of the district and no way he’s going to risk his heart… no matter how much he finds himself falling for Luke.

That’s if Luke’s even into men … and Rob’s not about to ask. Rob’s just going to have to keep his attraction, and his hands, to himself until Luke’s gone. After all … it’s only one month.

Only One Month is a standalone gay romance with sexually explicit content not suited for those under 18 years of age. It is approximately 86,000 words, has a happy ending, and no cliffhanger.

About Hallie Deighton:

Australian author Hallie Deighton has been writing longer than she can remember but is aware that she has spent a good proportion of the last four years writing fanfiction. This year she decided to stop procrastinating and finally write her Original Thing. A country girl who somehow found herself in the city, Hallie currently lives in sunny Queensland with her husband and two kids. When she’s not writing, ferrying her children to school or doing the laundry, she works as a librarian. She works best under pressure and is a big fan of inventing imaginary deadlines!

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