Giving Kindle Select another go

At the end of last year, Amazon sales had slumped across the board, not just for myself and JMS Books but for other publishers and independent authors, as well. In an effort to boost things a bit, I released a series of box sets on Amazon only as part of their Kindle Select program (which shows up in the Kindle Unlimited program to readers) and made several of my older titles exclusive to Amazon.

That worked for the first part of the year, increasing sales very well, I will admit. However, the algorithms Amazon uses to market titles new to the Select program only benefits authors for the first round of exclusivity (meaning you get a lot of page reads the first month or so, and after that things even out to where they were before your book entered the program).

Add in the fact that several authors around the web were posting horror stories of Amazon closing their accounts for fraudulent page reads and other unsavory practices (which the authors were unaware of until they suddenly couldn’t log into their accounts or didn’t get paid), and I thought it best to remove my books from the Select program and republish them widely through the other distribution channels again.

But I’m thinking of putting some of my newer titles into the Select program now. By “newer,” I mean books that were released in the last two or three years or so, and only novels this time, not a plethora of short stories. In Kindle Select, where you’re paid per page read, the fact is length matters, and longer stories earn more than shorter ones.

So look for some new Select titles early next month!