First Personal Post of the Year

I don’t write many personal posts on my blog for one simple reason — I usually forget to blog! I’m not the world’s most frequent blogger by any means, and most of the time I even forget to post about my newest releases the week they’re out. How sad is that?

Last year, JMS Books surprised me at how well it did overall, and my own writing in particular. I’m pleased to be able to finally write (and publish) full-time without the hassle of a day job. I find I tend to work all morning, nap away the afternoon, write when I get up in the early evening, and veg the rest of the night, either reading or watching DVDs (I don’t care for today’s TV). I could probably write more but at least I’m keeping up with my own schedule.

Speaking of schedules, I’m very surprised at how JMS Books seemed to explode at the end of 2011. I mean, literally, we’re booked for new releases for most of 2012! I had to close to novel submissions simply because any long stories we receive now won’t be released until the end of the year. There’s still plenty of room on our schedule for short stories, though, and we get new submissions daily.

As for my own writing, I hope to finish up a lot of stories I’ve set aside for one reason or another (mostly due to no time to work on them). After my final V¬†story comes out in March, everything I’ll publish myself will be new. This includes my J. Tomas and J.T. Marie stories, as well. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well those have done, proving a story doesn’t have to be erotic (or even gay!) to sell. You just have to have a lot of writing available for readers to get to know your style.

Currently I’m working on a brand new YA story, as yet untitled (aren’t they all?), as well as a gay erotic historical western with a transgender twist. My goal for January is to finish both these stories. One is scheduled to be released next month, the other in April. I finished one gay romance story this month already, so I’m hoping to get two more done and off my plate before February.

Then I can concentrate on other stories that need finishing, like the shapeshifting gay erotic romance Must Love Cats¬†which I started last year before my own kitties grew ill. I’m almost scared to revisit it, but I know I want to get it done. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since I lost my Jelly and Jono. I still miss them terribly.

But Lew and Marley keep me busy, that’s for sure!