Endless Summer by J.M. Snyder

This week I published a new gay erotic romance called Endless Summer.


It’s the summer before his senior year of college, and the last thing Jason Mizzoli wants to do is spend it with his parents. But when his mother books a month’s stay at a family friendly resort, she won’t let him talk his way out of going.

Jason’s determined not to enjoy himself … until he sees sexy resort employee Travis. After a chance encounter over breakfast, Jason thinks Travis might be just as interested as he is in getting to know each other a little better. But hooking up is easier said and done.

It isn’t until Jason’s mother signs him up for a stupid dance class that Jason learns what exactly it is Travis does at the resort. Now that they’ve found each other, finally, the summer stretches ahead of them with the promise of first love.

There’s only one little problem — Jason isn’t out to his parents. What will happen if — and when — they find out about Travis?

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