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Today’s guest is Elliot Cooper, whose latest MM romance My Boyfriend’s Back is available now!

About My Boyfriend’s Back:

When setting the scene for a novel where a zombie and a necromancer fall (back) in love, it seemed like Halloween would be the perfect backdrop. It’s one of my favorite holidays, with its costume tradition, creepy airs, and harvest decor. (And it’s my wedding anniversary, too!)

The holiday is firmly rooted in the old belief that the veil between the realms of the living and the dead is especially thin. What better time of year than cool and spooky autumn for a tale of resurrection gone awry? Also, who doesn’t love a good Halloween party? Especially one thrown by college aged mages!

But another unexpected bonus of a Halloween setting was an additional layer of character development. I’m not the sort of author to write exhaustive lists of characters’ likes, dislikes, hobbies, and minute experiences. So when I realized I’d have to come up with which costumes my characters would wear for Halloween, I took it as an opportunity to let them talk, let their personalities shine through their choices. And it was just as fun and interesting to see how each of them reacted to the others’ costumes.


After losing both of his parents, Academy of Magecraft student Steven Durant doesn’t want to see anyone else lose a loved one before their time. Traditional resurrection methods, however, only create mindless, flesh-hungry zombies; they’re no cure for death. He’s certain his unique brand of necromancy — using alchemy and blood magic — is the only answer.

When his boyfriend, Dax Everhart, has a fatal accident, Steven sees no choice but to use his experimental Lazarus Elixir. Dax comes back wrong, but the more humans he consumes, the more human he becomes.

With the help of his best friends, his ghostly aunt, and her living doll homunculus, Steven fights to regain normalcy and repair his shattered relationship with Dax. But with Dax openly embracing his monstrous nature, Steven shoulders the guilt of assisting in a murder spree that could lead the mundane and magical police right to their door.

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About Elliot Cooper:

Elliot Cooper is a creativity addict who prefers writing stories that embody adventure, a hint of the taboo, and shadows that are deeper than they appear at first glance. All the better if romantic or erotic elements are key.

Elliot also enjoys video games and knitting, and lives in the southern US with his human and feline family.

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