Egg Whites and Blue with Jessica Payseur

Filed under: Guest Posts Jul 5, 2016

Today’s guest is Jessica Payseur, whose latest book Egg Whites and Blue was just published by JMS Books!

About Egg Whites and Blue:

What’s more fun than writing one small town lighthearted cozy mystery? Writing a second, of course! Egg Whites and Blue is the second book in the Yolks on You series and I definitely had more fun with it than the last. While the first book was very much about Kiko and Dom meeting and seeing just how well they clicked, this one examines how they really feel. I had a lot of fun with the tension that develops when Kiko’s ex shows up.

I’ve been reading cozy mysteries since before they got the recipes in the back and now that they’re here, I love the recipe trend. Five recipes go into the back of each book and I have fun making them up and testing them out. I always make sure they have an appearance in the story, too! Egg Whites and Blue in particular is a very recipe-oriented book. Since it takes place over Fourth of July weekend, there are food contests galore, and Kiko’s ex, a famous chef, is in town for the judging.

Of course, this means in true Dom fashion, Dom has to make a pie to show his superiority. Now, because it’s Dom, the pie in the book is terrible — but the pie I created isn’t. It’s summery and light, and easy to make, so you can whip one up and eat along while you read along. I can’t be the only person who likes to eat what the characters in a book are eating, right?

I hope you enjoy all the food, fun, and murder as Kiko and Dom continue to explore their relationship and track down a cold-blooded killer!


Kiko and Dom are still getting used to settling in with each other, a task made difficult by their conflicting schedules and habits. With Mount Angus’ Knee High 4th of July Festival approaching, they anticipate spending some quality time together again, if only for a weekend.

But the arrival of Kiko’s ex, a well-known chef who seems to be taking interest in him again after a decade, throws up unnecessary tensions. And when Dom stumbles across a body with a pie server in its back, they find themselves drawn into another small-town mystery where the dark secrets of family recipes and a generous serving of danger could very well get them killed.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the book today!

About Jessica Payseur:

Jessica Payseur lives and writes in Wisconsin, where she spends the long winters solving murders. Fictional ones, of course. With a bottle of mulled wine and more cats than laps, she crafts cheesy mysteries with sexy sleuths and happy endings. She enjoys snail mail, trying not to get lost geocaching, and bicycle rides as long as they end at wineries. Follow her on Twitter at @jessica_payseur for updates on what she’s currently drinking.

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