Dystopia is FREE on Kindle! Two days only!

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You can download Dystopia free ONLY on Kindle today and tomorrow!

This box set combines two of my most popular futuristic dystopic M/M erotic romances. If you haven’t read either of them yet, why not pick up a copy and give them a try?


Two of J.M. Snyder’s best-selling dystopia novellas together for the first time in one post-apocalyptic volume!

Trin: In a future where outposts swelter beneath a nuclear sun and run-gunners patrol dusty wastelands to protect against winged creatures known as devlars, Trin is the mech at the waystation in Arens. He has a thing for the gunners: rough men with strong hands and hard bodies, who roll through his garage like the hot desert wind.

Gerrick’s the best gunner around, a quick draw with a deadly aim and a penchant for sharing his pallet with young men. He’s heard the rumors of what Trin will do for a gunner who only mentions his name. What he wants to know is, what will Trin do for him?

Scarred: Biker gangs known as regulators rule the streets of a war-torn city with hate and pain — their cruelty is etched into every inch of Dae’s battered body. He has never known anything but hurt from the hands of men … until he meets Coby.

When the new regulator rides into town and takes an interest in him, Dae is unwilling to believe that anyone who is a regulator can be a gentle, caring lover. Is Coby strong enough to protect Dae and his sister Delia when there’s hell to pay in the form of McBane?

Download your free Kindle copy today!

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