Did you know I published an audio book? Win a copy!

So earlier this year, I jumped on the bandwagon and had one of my more popular short stories produced in audiobook format. It’s a short read, or would you say listen? Just around an hour or so, read by Klaus von Hohenloe, who I think does a good job with the voices.

Not that I know anything about audiobooks, mind you. But my beta reader does, and he liked Klaus’s audition. I have to admit, I listened to the finished file and almost forgot I had written the story! I found myself drifting off into the narrative, and I guess that’s a good thing, no?

You can buy a copy of the audiobook on Amazon at the link below, or you can enter to win a free download through Audible. I’ll give away download codes to 2 lucky winners on Tuesday, so why not enter to win today?


Greg is straight but makes easy money offering his services to gay men online. He’s inexpensive but has a few ground rules: never reveal his real name, never invite a client home, and never, ever, ever agree to more than three appointments with anyone. Ever.

RC is handsome, loaded, and lives in a big house in a swanky neighborhood. Greg doesn’t understand why such a guy needs to pay for companionship, but RC’s been burned by men who are only interested in his money, and paying someone takes off the pressure of maintaining a relationship.

Their first appointment goes well, and they schedule another. But Greg is surprised when RC calls him a few days later just to hang out. Greg doesn’t pal around with his clients; it’s strictly business. But there’s something about the guy that makes him say yes.

At dinner, RC introduces himself as Ryan, and Greg breaks his own rule and shares his real name, too. By the end of the evening, the lines between client and friend have begun to blur. Does this count as their second appointment even if they don’t have sex?

By the time they meet up again, Greg is half in love with Ryan. Will this next appointment be their last, or will Greg embrace something he didn’t even know he was looking for?

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