Celina Summers and The Asphodel Cycle

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Today’s guest is Celina Summers, whose epic fantasy series The Asphodel Cycle is now available!

About The Asphodel Cycle:

Writing gurus always tell you to write what you know.

Everyone always asks me what The Asphodel Cycle is about, and unfortunately there’s no short answer. How could there be? It’s epic fantasy (or, as my editor likes to say, EPIC epic fantasy) so Asphodel is, obviously, rather complicated. The world began as an experiment. I wanted to combine classical mythology with traditional fantasy settings, create a strong female protagonist who could lead men without being a total bitch, and develop a world in which magic was the ultimate weapon but would result in potentially devastating consequences.

The Asphodel Cycle was my first fantasy series — four books — and it is a fantasy re-imagining of Homer’s Iliad, the source material for the Trojan War. But after a nice run of great reviews, strong sales, and a few awards, it vanished into the e-publishing aether along with its publisher. I thought Asphodel was dead — mostly because that’s what the writing gurus tell you. Writing gurus don’t have much advice for that situation, but the one thing they do say is, “Don’t write more books in a world that’s already been published because you can’t sell them.”

I’ve never been one for writing gurus. I finished the second four-book series in January and decided to self-publish a book a month for eight months. This weekend, the revised, re-edited third novel, The Temptation of Asphodel, will be released, and in September I’ll begin to publish the second Asphodel series, The Black Dream — based on an obscure myth from Hesiod’s Theogony called the Titanomachy. What I’m finding fascinating about the process is returning to a world I wrote a decade ago after using that decade to develop as a writer and as an editor. Otherwise the process is the same for publication, except that I get to pay for it. Which is cool. So if I was a writing guru, I’d have to say — write what you know, and tell the writing gurus to stuff it. I write for fun, both mine and my readers. And well … you know … to kill stuff.

Blurb for The Reckoning of Asphodel:

Tamsen de Asphodel watched as her parents were killed—murdered by her sorcerer uncle. Raised by her Elven kin, Tamsen knows her destiny is to avenge them both.

Unfortunately, Tamsen’s destiny is complicated. She is the sole heir to her human father’s estate, but she is also the last remaining heir to the Elven throne. The Elves, especially the Scout Brial, are suspicious of her human ties and her magical power. Her magic is unique—neither human nor Elven, dangerous, and difficult to control. And when she and Brial fall in love, it is a relationship the Elves will not accept.

But when her uncle moves to destroy the Elves, war explodes across both kingdoms. Only Tamsen, with Brial at her side, can bring human and Elf together to fight against him. In the reckoning that is coming, she will need both sides of her conflicted nature … and the aid of a goddess.

About Celina Summers:

Celina Summers is an author, freelance editor, and blogger. Her first fantasy series, The Asphodel Cycle, was originally published in 2007. Other publications include her sensual romance series Mythos, Metamorphosis, and the Covenants Trilogy, co-authored with Rob Graham. She has been an editor for over a decade, the managing editor at two publishing houses, and the founder/editor of the speculative fiction magazine Penumbra. She is now focused solely on her writing career, and is now writing contemporary literary fantasy under the pseudonym C.A. Chevault.

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