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#WIPWednesday — Dad’s Nerdy New Boyfriend

Today’s snippet comes from a story I started earlier this year that I hope to finish sometime soon. The setup is a web designer takes his son to see a Pokemon movie and meets a guy who owns a comic book store.

Actually, that’s about as far as I’ve got with it, because I don’t plot out my stories before I write them. I do a little plotting as I go along, but mostly I create the characters and then let them run wild.

Since most readers tend to like my daddy stories, enjoy!

This opens with Rick (the father) and Micah (the son) getting in line for the new movie …

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#WIPWednesday — Skin Deep by J.T. Marie

Today’s snippet comes from a tattoo story I started but haven’t gotten very far into yet. It’s a lesbian/transgender story, or rather, it will be. Right now it’s just 4k of setup and introducing the characters.

And yes, like all my tattoo stories, it’s inspired by real-life events. It seems I can’t go get a new tattoo without getting a story idea at the same time.

And yes again, it has no title. Not even an inkling of one. Sorry about that!

Just an FYI, Mack is short for Mackenzie. She’s the coach of a college women’s basketball team and, when the story opens, two of her players (Steph and Kiki) have convinced her to go with them to the Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival. There she meets Heather, an artist at the RVA Tattoo booth. Big Man (mentioned in the excerpt) is another artist at the booth.

Steph and Kiki both want to get tattoos at the booth, but Mack is more interested in Heather.

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