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Beautiful Box Set is ARe’s Deal of the Day!

The Beautiful Box Set by J.M. Snyder is All Romance eBook’s Deal of the Day!

Get all 5 books in one box set for $1.99 today only!!


Step into the glittery and glamorous world of celebrities who seek real love among the stars. This box set contains two of gay erotic romance author J.M. Snyder’s best-selling novellas, plus three short stories featuring the same characters. Contains the stories:

Beautiful Liar: Johnny Thomas hopes to jump start his acting career by hiring his former manager Lou, who has heard rumors that might prevent him from landing those coveted leading roles. Johnny swears he’ll play it straight … until he meets Brett, who turns his life — and his heart — upside down. When photographs surface that were taken in confidence, Johnny must choose between his career and love.

More Lies: Actor Johnny Thomas has landed a coveted role in the upcoming Roxy Greene movie. The catch? Roxy wants the media to think they’re dating. The problem? Johnny’s gay. Will his sexuality cost him the role? Or does Roxy have a secret of her own?

Beautiful Disaster: Corey and Ian are members of the pop duo 2ICE. When Corey discovers he’s in love with Ian — and, better yet, that Ian feels the same — his promiscuous past makes it hard for his band-mate to admit his feelings. Can they move beyond the pain to embrace a love they both desperately want?

Render: Before Corey Evans and Ian Coltraine became lovers, they were simply band-mates on tour. When an accident onstage leaves Corey hurt and vulnerable, Ian is there to pick up the pieces. This flash story is a slice of life look at the beginnings of something more than mere friendship between the two.

Encore: Pop superstar Corey Evans realizes how hollow he feels until he discovers he’s in love with his best friend and band-mate, Ian Coltraine. They’ve managed to hide their relationship from the press and their fans, but what happens when their manager finds out?

Get all 5 books in one box set for $1.99 today only!!

Hottest Heat Wave is only $1.99 at ARe today!

Today ONLY! the Hottest Heat Wave anthology is $1.99 at All Romance eBooks!

This anthology contains my story Heat Wave: Richmond, and


JMS Books brought you hot tales of summer love in their popular Heat Wave series in the form of first crushes, fleeting affairs, and longtime romances that bubbled over into hot flashes with the soaring heat. In the Hottest Heat Wave anthology, which combines the six best-selling titles in the series, gay men are driven to distraction by the heat and each other, seeking solace anyway they can.

With stories by Drew Hunt, J.D. Walker, J.M. Snyder, Jeff Adams, Terry O’Reilly, and Michael P. Thomas, this sizzling anthology of M/M romance and erotic romance will have your temperature through the roof all summer long!

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Buy Caught Inbetween for only 99¢!

July is JMS Books’ 6th anniversary, and to celebrate, all month long a different ebook will be featured as a Deal of the Day — marked down to only 99¢!

My MMF novella Caught Inbetween (written by Shawna Jeanne) is today’s Deal of the Day!


When Lori Callahan meets Jack and Brandt at an auto care class they teach, she isn’t sure which one of them is hitting on her more. They invite her out for drinks, and she’s surprised to learn they’re already a couple … but they’re looking for someone like her to complete them. Drinks turn into a date, which leads to much more.

Jack Rowe and Peter Brandt have been together since high school, and fight like an old married couple. They don’t agree on anything, it seems, except sex and how they both feel about Lori.

But soon she finds herself caught inbetween the two. She doesn’t want to take sides when her men fight — she loves them both, and knows they love each other, even if they never say the words out loud.

One evening Brandt pushes Jack too far. Will Lori be able to patch things up between them, or will their loving threesome fall apart for good?

Grab your copy for 99¢ today only!