Can YA books appeal to adults?

It’s funny I enjoy reading young adult ~ or YA ~ books now that I’m in my late 30’s because when I was growing up, I couldn’t find any I really liked to read. By the time I was in the sixth grade, I had already gone through my school library’s small stash of fiction at least twice and was ready to move onto adult titles. And by “adult,” I mean Stephen King. I read Pet Sematary that year and never looked back.

Now, though, I love well-crafted YA novels, particularly those in the fantasy genre. Some of my favorite series are classified as YA ~ Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, to name two right off the top of my head that I know I’ll continue to reread for years to come. There’s a fine line between a story written specifically for children and one written about a young person which will still appeal to an older audience.

Since I love reading the YA genre, I’ve experimented a time or two with writing it, as well. Given that my usual fare is erotic in nature, I chose to write YA under a pseudonym, J. Tomas. Of course, like any story I write, my YA tales focus on gay characters, which I think is an aspect of YA literature that has been missing up until just recently. About two years ago now I published my first novel under that name, and I keep meaning to work on another YA story at some point.

I’ve finally gotten a chance to do that ~ next Sunday, my short story Who’s Watching Who? will be published through JMS Books LLC. I’m not sure how well a YA e-book will sell, to be honest. Do teens buy e-books? Do they read them? Can an e-book labeled YA appeal to adult readers?

We’ll see. I have in mind the idea to compile a collection of short stories, all YA, into a paperback at some point, but I don’t have any definite release date for that yet.