Buy Caught Inbetween for only 99¢!

July is JMS Books’ 6th anniversary, and to celebrate, all month long a different ebook will be featured as a Deal of the Day — marked down to only 99¢!

My MMF novella Caught Inbetween (written by Shawna Jeanne) is today’s Deal of the Day!


When Lori Callahan meets Jack and Brandt at an auto care class they teach, she isn’t sure which one of them is hitting on her more. They invite her out for drinks, and she’s surprised to learn they’re already a couple … but they’re looking for someone like her to complete them. Drinks turn into a date, which leads to much more.

Jack Rowe and Peter Brandt have been together since high school, and fight like an old married couple. They don’t agree on anything, it seems, except sex and how they both feel about Lori.

But soon she finds herself caught inbetween the two. She doesn’t want to take sides when her men fight — she loves them both, and knows they love each other, even if they never say the words out loud.

One evening Brandt pushes Jack too far. Will Lori be able to patch things up between them, or will their loving threesome fall apart for good?

Grab your copy for 99¢ today only!