Bet you didn’t know I did this …

I learned to cross-stitch when I was younger, and I did a few small projects before I set it aside. Then in college I picked it back up again, mostly as a way to relieve stress during finals. The projects I did then were a bit larger, and my mother has many of them framed and on her walls. But even though I had quite a collection of cross-stitch paraphernalia, I fell out of it again after graduation.

Then, a few months ago, I was watching TV and suddenly thought I should dig out one of the kits I had and work on it. Completely out of the blue. I rummaged around in my closet until I found my stitching stash, and I started it back up again.

I’d like to say it’s relaxing, but it isn’t always. It can be frustrating (I only do counted cross-stitch, and if I miscount, then I have to pull out all the wrong stitches and redo them, which pisses me off), but I like the finished product. I’ve started putting a few of the smaller items I’ve made on Etsy, so if you have a moment or are curious about what I’ve done, why not check out my shop?