Before the Show

I’ve updated the covers for some of my earlier books, including the short story Before the Show.

This short, short story is about a drag queen getting ready to go onstage when she’s interrupted for a little romp on the dressing room sofa. Since I wrote a little flash fiction piece featuring the same characters, I updated the ebook to include both stories. So you get Before the Show as well as After the Show for only 99¢!


A college student by day, drag queen by night, Devin Elliot loves his job. He likes to watch himself get ready, primping in the mirror, his masculinity slowly peeled away and replaced with feminine silk and lace.

But as he’s getting ready for his stage show, a knock on the door interrupts him. Chuck works as a bouncer at the club where Devin performs, and he has it bad for the hot drag queen. Nothing turns him on more than watching his boyfriend become Devine.

With the clock counting down to showtime, can Devin and Chuck manage to snag some time alone before the show?

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