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Still “Tearin’ Up My Heart”

You may or may not know this about me, but I started writing M/M the same way most everyone does — with fan fiction.

For two years, I wrote RPS (real person slash) about Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass from *NSYNC. I also dabbled in some strange pairings (my JC/Eminem story was really popular), but my OTP was Justin/Lance, all the way.

I’m still very much a fan, but as you can imagine, *NSYNC means a lot to me because they helped me get back to writing when I was afraid I couldn’t. After I saw what sort of readership my fan fic drew, I started writing original slash (or gay erotic romance, or M/M, take your pick) and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today *NSYNC is being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (finally!!), and to celebrate, I want to let you know that 95% of my fan fiction is still available online, but only on my own site. If you’re interested in taking a stroll down memory lane with me and the boys, you can download the stories here.

Be warned, though — All I Ever Wanted is seriously the longest thing I’ve ever written and clocks in at over 440,000 words (and 900 pages). So that one might be a bit of a slow download.

The percentage of my fan fic that isn’t online any longer has been rewritten and re-edited and released as stories in their own right. If you want to know which of my titles used to be boy band slash, check out this page on my author site.

Coming soon … Commanding Officer Thomas

So yay! I finally finished a new story!

This was the one I mentioned earlier, which had the working title Owned. But I’ve renamed it Commanding Officer Thomas.

With luck it will go up on Kindle Select in the next few days, but right now I’m stuck on the blurb (which is always the worst part for me).

In the meantime, take a look at the yummy cover!

New(ish) release – Office Romance Box Set

My latest box set is now available!

NOTE: Office Romance contains 22 stories, all of which were originally released as Working Men and Working Men 2.


Most of us spend forty hours or more a week at the workplace. Shuffling papers at a desk job, taking orders, waiting tables, working in the field, punching a time clock. Whether it’s a career or simply a job to be done, we do whatever it takes to make a living. Sometimes the people we meet at work are among the best — and the worst — we’ll ever know.

From harmless, sweet flirting to fulfilling hot sex, these stories show you just how much some men enjoy their line of work!

Contains the stories:

  • At Your Service
  • Blurring the Lines
  • Café de l’Amour
  • Car Trouble
  • Closing Time
  • Easily Addicted
  • Hot Merchandise
  • Knocking Boots
  • Lunch Break
  • Maintenance!
  • Makin’ Copies
  • On the Job
  • Opening Day at the County Fair
  • Order Up
  • Out for Delivery
  • Pleasure Cruise
  • Quintessential
  • Rub Me the Right Way
  • Speed Trap
  • Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams
  • Tech Support
  • Yes-Man


Buy the ebook today!