An update …

So hey, I suck at blogging. And I’m so damn busy between running JMS Books and working a part-time job (whose hours have only increased with the pandemic) that I have little time to work on my own writing, let alone update my blog. I’m sorry!

If you’re wondering, yes, I am writing, but because I’m not writing much on a daily basis, I don’t know when it’ll be released. In the meantime, though, I post my works-in-progress on my Patreon page, where you can access them for $1 a month. Patrons will have access to my stories as I write them (including my current WIP, Waylaid), and the stories will be exclusive to Patreon for three months after they’re done. When they’re finally published, patrons will also receive free ebook copies.

All for $1 a month. Not a bad deal, eh?

I hope you’re all staying safe in these uncertain times!